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1st Conference of partners: Delivering results for Europe


The first Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing brought together high level representatives and Ministers from European regions and innovative projects discussing how to implement and scale up innovations for active ageing and what contribution they can make to regions. They were joined by leading figures in the field of active and healthy ageing from across Europe, from universities and research groups, public authorities, health providers, industry and non-governmental organisations

Six Action Groups presented action plans which tackle a specific challenge in this field from falls, which account for almost one third of fatal injuries amongst older people to tele-monitoring which enable chronically ill patients to live longer at home.

For further information please check the website of the 1st Conference of Partners.


Action Plans

Further to the initial Invitation for Commitment to the Action Plans, six Action Groups were formed, made up of universities and research groups, public authorities, health providers, industry, non-governmental organizations representing citizens, older people and patients, and others.

These groups presented their Action Plans at the Conference which can be downloaded on its web precsence.

But the project's involvement comes into play in Action Groups A1 and B3: