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eHealth Innovation Thematic Network

Scaling up eHealth facilitated personalised health services:
towards sustained eHealth innovation

The focus of this Thematic Network is the re-architecting of healthcare services towards a patient centric cooperation of actors and the meaningful integration of information, to support dynamic and virtual teams working efficiently and effectively at enabling and empowering patients to play greater roles in their own health and wellness: i.e. the focus is on personalised health services and a supportive eHealth infostructure. Special emphasis will be put on chronic disease management for an ageing population as well as integrated care, co-production and eHealth solutions for patient-centred care.

The network involves 22 partners: 20 from 10 Member States and 2 from Switzerland representing a broad range of stakeholders: national and regional authorities, industry (ICT and pharma), national solution providers, researchers and users (health professionals, patients, healthcare providers and insurers/third party payers), European and national associations.

The project is coordinated by University College London Consultants (UCLC). Scientific leadership is assured by Prof. Dipak Kalra.

A factsheet about the thematic network is available for download here [PDF, 189KB].


Breaking news

eHealth Innovation partner HCP’s (Health Consumer Powerhouse) EHCI is leading measurement of national healthcare systems

The Euro Health Consumer Index measurements started in 2005. Since then the European Commission has paid growing interest in this benchmark.

AAL 2013: eHealth innovation joins forces with the EIP for successful conference

The eHealth innovation project has successfully joined forces with representatives of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) to host an expert workshop on patient centred care at this year's AAL forum in Norrköping, Sweden. What are the defining characteristics of a