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eHealth Innovation partner HCP’s (Health Consumer Powerhouse) EHCI is leading measurement of national healthcare systems

The Euro Health Consumer Index measurements started in 2005. Since then the European Commission has paid growing interest in this benchmark.

AAL 2013: eHealth innovation joins forces with the EIP for successful conference

The eHealth innovation project has successfully joined forces with representatives of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) to host an expert workshop on patient centred care at this year's AAL forum in Norrköping, Sweden. What are the defining characteristics of a

eHealth innovation final workshop on September 24th 2013 in Norrköping, Sweden

The eHealth Innovation consortium will organize its final project workshop during this year's AAL Form 2013 in Norrköping Sweden. The workshop is held jointly with

Active and Healthy Ageing: Awards for excellent projects in EU cities and regions

On 1 July, at the occasion of the Reference Sites Award Ceremony 32 cities and regions across Europe have been rewarded for new ways of helping older people. These award-winners

eHealth Innovation got invited to the EC Projects-Convergence Workshop

From March the 20th to March 21st, 2013 eHealth Innovation is invited to the second EC Projects-Convergence Workshop held in Brussels.

Invitation for commitments to the B3 action group on integrated care

Several eHealth Innovation partners are members of the B3 action group on integrated care in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and contribute actively to its action plan.

eChallenges e-2013 Conference and Exhibition

Supported by the European Commission, the 23rd annual eChallenges e-2013 Conference & Exhibition takes place in Malahide, Dublin, Ireland from 09 - 11 October.

Empirica senior researcher delivers presentation at EHTEL symposium on innovative healthcare for the 21st century

Dr. Karl Stroetmann, empirica senior researcher, has presented his views on redesigning healthcare in Europe for the year 2020 at the December 2012 EHTEL symposium.

Action plans of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing released!

The European Commission has released the action plans that resulted from the work of the different action groups (AGs) in the EIP AHA.

Joint EU-US eHealth Events in Boston

Following the successful joint EU-US Transatlantic eHealth workshop held at the eHealth Week 2012 in Copenhagen there was a follow-up 2 day joint event focused on the EU-US eHealth Marketplace and the Transatlantie eHealth Cooperation Assembly held in the State House in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), on the 23rd and 24th October.

Recent study on telemonitoring and telemedicine solutions confirms research by eHealth innovation

The Study on business and financing models related to ICT for ageing well (a project commissioned by DG CONNECT and conducted by Ernst & Young and the Danish Technological Institute), has identified and analyzed 20 European best practices of ICT solutions for ageing well.

EHTEL Annual Symposium 2012: December 6-7 in Brussels

This year’s EHTEL symposium entitled “The future of eHealth is already here” will be held on December 6-7 in Brussels.

eHealth innovation consortium members participate in EIP Action Group on integrated care

Consortium members EHTEL, Connected Health Campus and COCIR are actively engaging in the work of the EIP Action Group B3 on Integrated Care.

Successful review of the eHealth innovation thematic network

eHealth innovation has passed its first annual review successfully, with reviewers certifying that the project has made good progress.

The Momentum project has launched a survey on telemedicine deployment

The Momentum project, coordinated by the European Health Telematics Association, has launched a survey on the state of deployment of telemedicine solutions. eHealth innovation will closely follow the progress and results of this survey for its own case study collection effort and final reporting.

European Innovation Partnership: eHealth innovation contributes to the work of AG1 on patient adherence

Empirica researcher Jörg Artmann has participated at a meeting of Action Group A1 (AG1) on patient adherence. On September 27th stakeholders of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) met to discuss the action plan of the AG1.

eHealth Innovation workshop on Integrated Care models at WoHIT in Copenhagen

The eHealth Innovation TN has successfully held its second workshop, during the World of Health IT in Copenhagen. A select number of project partners and external experts gathered to discuss the effects of the recently adopted Operational Plan of the European Innovation Partnership on the project’s work and examples of successfully implemented care integration.

Austrian forum for Integrated Care (Initiativforum Integrierte Versorgung) seeks case studies for its integrated care award

The "INTEGRI 2012" award honors innovative ideas, projects or concepts regarding integrated care. All ongoing projects, closed projects and project ideas are eligible. An independent jury will assess the submissions. The top three submissions will receive an award during the "Integrierte Versorgung Kongress" on May 2nd 2012 in Linz.

The German association for medical management is rewarding innovative healthcare projects

The award has a value of €2000 and will reward projects which have the ability to demonstrate improved (health)outcomes through new ways of coordinating and managing healthcare delivery. All sectors of the healthcare market are invited to submit ideas. Deadline for applications is June 1st 2012.

Better and more efficient care through ICT-enabled integration - European conference Beyond Silos a big success

Integrated care for older people spanning across the silos that separate social and health care in many countries can be both more effective and more efficient than disjointed forms of support. This particularly where integrated care processes are supported through ICT in a meaningful way. This was the common view voiced by all participants in the recent conference "Beyond Silos - The Why and How of ICT in Integrated Care Service Provision". About 60 representatives of research, policy and practice from all over Europe found their way to the Evoluon conference centre in the Dutch city of Eindhoven on the 23rd of November to meet, share and learn.

Examples of real-life eHealth innovations at EHTEL symposium 2011

More than 150 eHealth stakeholders met on November 30th and December 1th 2011 to discuss how to change the traditional delivery models of European healthcare and welfare for making them better fit to the long-term needs of persons with chronic conditions. The dialogue on new strategies and their implementation was particularly inspired by a keynote from Kaiser Permanente, US. The EHTEL2011 Symposium - colocated with the RENEWING HeALTH Midterm Workshop - convened European-wide leaders, drivers and frontrunners, including health policy, competence centres and many stakeholder representatives. The event was kindly hosted by the EESC, the voice of organised civil society in the Union's decision-making process.

European-American dialogue on eHealth opportunities at Medica 2011

With about 135,000 visitors from around the globe, the MEDICA – World Forum for Medicine - is the largest and most important European and international exhibition and fair for the health sector. On November 18, 2011, a special session of the MEDICA Media Scientific Forum was devoted to continue the American–German Dialogue on "Globalisation in (e)Health".

German conference on integrated care in Berlin (BMC e.V.) attended by eHealth innovation partner

A representative of beneficiary empirica attended the German Integrated Care Conference in Berlin (January 24th and 25th 2012) to gather case study information and learn about innovative care approaches. The conference was attended by an important number of stakeholders in the German healthcare system from government representatives to doctors and industry.

Competition to reward the best eHealth solution developed by an EU SME.

With the endorsement of the ICT for Health Unit at the European Commission, TICBioMed organizes a Competition for rewarding the best eHealth solution of 2012 produced by an European SME. The objective of the Competition is to support business success of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by giving them visibility together with marketing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital.

Successful kick-off workshop of the eHealth innovation TN

The first eHealth Innovation workshop was held as part of the WoHIT conference in Budapest on 12th May, during eHealth Week 2011. The workshop focused on examples of ICT enabled chronic disease management approaches in their national context. Presentations from a Danish, Dutch and UK perspective as well as introductory remarks by Ilias Iakovidis (European Commission) stimulated a rich debate on key success factors, lessons learned and requirements on the eHealth innovation roadmap.