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AAL 2013: eHealth innovation joins forces with the EIP for successful conference

The eHealth innovation project has successfully joined forces with representatives of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) to host an expert workshop on patient centred care at this year's AAL forum in Norrköping, Sweden.

What are the defining characteristics of a healthcare system that is more patient centred? How can we address questions of health information interoperability and what role do devices play now and in the future to collect data directly from citizens? These and many more questions were discussed with a group of experts from the ambient assisted living and the eHealth communities. Representatives of the eHealth innovation thematic network had joined forces with the EIP Action Groups B3 on integrated care and C2 on interoperable and independent living solutions to set the agenda of the meeting.

The wide range of expertise in the audience, ranging from the policy, financing, managerial and clinical domain, proved to be a key success factor. It allowed to uncover the connections between developments today such as the quantified self movement and plans for improved device interoperability. Differing time horizons of healthcare management staff and policy makers, coupled with a slow diffusion of innovations in the healthcare system also seemed to account for the heterogeneity of ICT innovations in Europe's different healthcare systems.

The workshop concludes the activities of the eHealth innovation thematic network. Throughout its course, the members of this network have sought to collect evidence on patient centred care across Europe and analyse its key enablers and success factors. The role of ICT as a tool for improved care coordination and data exchange was the focal point of attention.