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Action plans of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing released!

The European Commission has released the action plans that resulted from the work of the different action groups (AGs) in the EIP AHA.
In the context of the eHealth innovation project work, the activities of the AG A1 on patient adherence and AG B3 on integrated care are of particular relevance.
In the B3 Action Group, a detailed analysis of integrated care activities at regional level was made. Key challenges and gaps were also identified. These fed into the programme of work that the group has now published. The activity areas of most interest to eHealth innovation in this programme are:

  • Change Management - Incentivisation and Advocacy
  • Care Pathway Implementation
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Electronic Health Records / ICT /Teleservices

For further details on the B3 and A1 Action Plan, please consult http://ec.europa.eu/research/innovation-union/index_en.cfm?section=active-healthy-ageing&pg=commitment#action_plans