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eHealth Innovation got invited to the EC Projects-Convergence Workshop

From March the 20th to March 21st, 2013 eHealth Innovation is invited to the second EC Projects-Convergence Workshop held in Brussels. As a result of the previous Convergence Round Table five convergence “topics” have been defined.

  • Topic 1: Semantic interoperability/ Metadata/ Glossaries
  • Topic 2: Quality Metrics
  • Topic 3: Privacy policy and requirements (including ethics)
  • Topic 4: Privacy protection techniques and security
  • Topic 5: Business Modeling

Empirica and its project partners were present while the project’s coordinator Dipak Kalra was holding the lead of the session on Semantic Interoperability/ Metadata/ Glossaries and Veli Stroetmann (empirica GmbH) was taking part in the discussions on topic 5 (Business Modeling).


Download of the agenda [33KB].

For further information please refer to the workshop homepage.