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European-American dialogue on eHealth opportunities at Medica 2011

With about 135,000 visitors from around the globe, the MEDICA – World Forum for Medicine - is the largest and most important European and international exhibition and fair for the health sector. On November 18, 2011, a special session of the MEDICA Media Scientific Forum was devoted to continue the American–German Dialogue on "Globalisation in (e)Health". Moderated by the USA commercial consul Ms. Lora Baker, five representatives of global industrial health ICT players, the representative of a consortium of USA academic hospitals, and empirica senior research fellow Dr. Karl Stroetmann discussed opportunities for and challenges of transatlantic cooperation in developing eHealth markets. Dr. Stroetmann reported on European experience in fostering cross border provision of healthcare services supported by innovative eHealth applications, as envisaged by European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, and the recent European Directive on "The application of patients' rights in cross-border healthcare", and its specific mentioning of "Recognition of prescriptions issued in another Member State." He also elaborated on the results of the ARGOS study "Towards a Transatlantic Observatory for Meeting Global Health Policy Challenges through ICT-Enabled Solutions".

His contribution on "Globalisation and Innovations in (e)Health – Opportunities and Challenges for the EU and USA" concisely outlined these topics and identified pragmatic next steps to invigorate the transatlantic exchange for the benefits of both European and USA ICT industry, healthcare systems and, most importantly, citizens everywhere.