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Examples of real-life eHealth innovations at EHTEL symposium 2011

More than 150 eHealth stakeholders met on November 30th and December 1th 2011 to discuss how to change the traditional delivery models of European healthcare and welfare for making them better fit to the long-term needs of persons with chronic conditions. The dialogue on new strategies and their implementation was particularly inspired by a keynote from Kaiser Permanente, US. The EHTEL2011 Symposium - colocated with the RENEWING HeALTH Midterm Workshop - convened European-wide leaders, drivers and frontrunners, including health policy, competence centres and many stakeholder representatives. The event was kindly hosted by the EESC, the voice of organised civil society in the Union's decision-making process.

New models go much beyond the scope of venerable traditions like organising health and welfare in independent silos and seamlessly integrate the healthcare and social service domains. Both eHealth and Telemedicine provide personal health services and can contribute significantly to the successful implementation of up-to-date health strategies. Demonstrations and service presentations provided some evidence how it should be possible to move from high level EU policy initiatives into operational sustainable services.

You can consult the conference presentations at EHTEL's website