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Case studies

The eHealth Innovation project, supported by the European Commission, is developing a European roadmap for large scale co-operating eHealth services that support patients in managing their health and health care. An important aspect of this work is to discover and learn from successful commercial solutions and projects that have already established good practice in ways to involve and empower patients and healthy citizens in illness management and illness prevention. eHealth Innovation specifically wishes to learn about projects that support the elderly populations in contributing to the management of long term (chronic) conditions, although a wider range of examples of personalised health initiatives is welcome.

We are now asking healthcare organisations, the health IT industry, healthcare insurers, ministries of health, patient representative organisations and other interest groups to summarise examples of such initiatives, using the questionnaire template in this document. The eHealth Innovation partners will use this information to draw out common themes that help inform good practice in the design and adoption of personalised health systems, success criteria and lessons learned. We will summarise the key emerging themes from these case studies, publish this within project reports, and culminating in a roadmap to inform future EC and national strategic investments and activities.

If you are aware of initiatives that might inform our roadmap we kindly ask you to complete the template, with the details you are able to access, and send this by email to eHealthinnovation(at)empirica(dot)com by October 2012. Alternatively, please let us know the contact details of a person we should approach directly about a project or product. You can find the case study template for download here.