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4th eHealth Innovation Workshop

Business modeling for an EU wide eHealth infostructure and Virtual Organization

Friday, May 31st
25 avenue de Beaulieu, Auderghem, 13h30-16h30

Workshop summary

Workshop summary:
The 4th eHealth Innovation Workshop, organized jointly with the SemanticHealthNet project, addressed the business model aspects of a future European Virtual Organization. Key topics of discussion were the identification of stakeholders in a future European Virtual Organization, the value proposition of the EVO for these stakeholders and aspects of governance. The underlying concepts behind this discussion are documented in the Deliverable D4.1 of the eHealth innovation project: "European eHealth infostructure: expected impacts."

Download Deliverable D4.1 [1.98 MB]

Download the workshop summary report [777KB]



SSI-TF Workshop Agenda          
Friday, May 31th 2013          




9:00-9:10 (10 min)

“Welcome Remarks”

Objective: Welcome participants & workshop agenda (Day 2)

D. Kalra
9:10-9:30 (20 min)

”Designing A Sustainable Business Model Framework!”

Objective: Describe a business model building blocks and introduce a
self-appraisal template to be used during the breakout sessions



9:30-11:15 (105 min)

“Building the SHN VO Business Model with Post-It Notes?!”

Objective: Each breakout group to design a SHN VO business model
prototype for a designated customer segment and to appraise it (9
building blocks x 10 min per block + 15 min to appraise)

3 Breakout sessions (1 per segment) Facilitators:

D. Dupont
V. Stroetmann
J. Vogt



11:30-12:15 (45 min)

“Painting the Big Picture!”

Objective: Each breakout group to report on their business model
framework & appraisal (3 teams x 15min per team)

Plenary Session
12:15-12:30 (15 min)

“Achieving Consensus!”

Objective: Synthesize/comment the differenframeworks to build a
common understanding and to achieve consensus

D. Dupont
V. Stroetmann
D. Kalra




Workshop continued jointly with eHealth Innovation TN

13:30-13:45 (15 min)

“Welcome Remarks & Summary”

Objective: Welcome eHealth Innovation participants, joint workshop agenda & brief summary of SSI-TF discussions

D. Kalra
13:45-14:30 (45 in)

“Defining Key Success Factors, Risks & Strategies for Optimizing
the Sustainability of the SHN VO Business Model”

Objective: Identify 3-5 key success factors and perceived risks, and
align corresponding strategies towards optimizing SHN VO business
model assets & sustainability

3 Breakout sessions Facilitators:

D. Dupont
V. Stroetmann

14:30 - 15:00 (30 min)

“Strategies for Delivering a Sustainable SHN VO Business Model!”

Objective: Each breakout group to summarize their success factors,
perceived risks & sustainability strategies (3 teams x 10min per team)

Plenary Session
15:00 - 15:30 (30 min)

“What’s Next?”

Objective: Align 2013 plan of action (Q2-Q4) to address strategic
imperatives, timelines & communication strategy


D. Dupont
V. Stroetmann
J. Vogt



15:45-16:15 (30 min)

“eHealth Innovation Reflections”

Objective: Comments from eHealth Innovation participants

D. Kalra

16:15-16:25 (10 min)

Closing Remarks

D. Kalra

B. Abeloos


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