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AAL Forum 2013 Side Event

Scaling up integrated and person centred care

through innovative uses of ICT / eHealth

Tuesday 24th September 2013
via Louis De Geer Konsert & Kongress, Hamngatan 24, SE-602 32 Norrköping, Sweden www.louisdegeer.se

Workshop summary

This free interactive side event engaged participants in understanding, and providing their own insights, into the potential of ICT solutions to integrate care and support person centred care including home care. Through case study examples of innovative person centred services, the event specifically examined the challenges and barriers that have hindered the scaling up of integrated care and self-care and solutions for independent living at regional and national levels, and explored success strategies for accelerating the wider adoption of eHealth solutions.

Download the workshop summary report [6.29MB]




Session 1 – Opportunities for Person Centred Care Presentations:




Introduction to Person Centred Care – Dipak Kalra (UCL)

 Download [889 KB] 

  The European Innovation partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing – Donna Henderson (NHS 24 Scotland)  Download [710 KB]
  B3 Action Group on Integrated Care – Donna Henderson (NHS 24 Scotland)  Download [1.7 MB]
  Development of interoperable independent living solutions (C2) – Marielle Swinkels  Download [800 KB]

Coffee / refreshments


Session 2 - Empowering individuals to stay healthy, manage their illness and live independently Presentations:

  Overview of B3 Action Area 6: Patient/user empowerment, health education and health promotion – Dipak Kalra on behalf of Francesca Avolio   Download [564 KB]
  Guidance for User Empowerment – Jon Dawson (C2 Action Group)   Download [1.3 MB]
  The inCASA project– Nicola Bottone   Download [1 MB]
  The Mi Project - Julia Purvis   Download [1 MB]
  Coproduction - Living it up - Christine McClusky  
  RENEWINGHeALTH – Diane Whitehouse   Download [400 KB]



Session 3 – Technology - a catalyst for change Presentations:


Introduction to Session 3 – Veli Stroetmann

 Download [500 KB]
  Overview of B3 Action Area 7: ICT and Teleservices – Donna Henderson on behalf of Andrea Pavlickova  Download [840 KB]
  Personal health records and patient access to their data in Uppsala - Benny Eklund  Download [281 KB]
  App development for health – a case study from Portugal - António Lindo da Cunha  Download [319 KB]

How to achieve flexibility and interoperability of ICT solutions? Including at research and living lab level? - Antonio Kung

 Download [1.3 MB]
  Device interoperability: case studies from the field - Michael Strübin  Download [1 MB]
  The momentum Project - Diane Whitehouse on behalf of Montse Meya  Download [540 KB]
  Opportunities from the Virtual Physiological Human – Rod Hose  

Coffee / refreshments


Session 4 - How business modelling and return on investment can accelerate products to the market Presentations:


How business modelling and ROI can accelerate products to market - Shabs Rajasekharan

 Download [2.5 MB]

How does one evaluate ROI on technology? - John Matheson

 Download [476 KB]
  The Digital Social Alarm programme - Oskar Jonnson  
  Socio-economics of integrated eCare - Ingo Meyer  Download (631 KB]